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Ackshaey Singh

Hacker, creator, entrepreneur


I am a full stack software developer with an expertise in product development, product design, growth hacking and lean startups. I am currently a Senior Applications Engineer at Oracle's HQ in Redwood Shores CA, specializing in cloud, mobile and social applications for Oracle's B2B Project Management and Team Collaboration applications.

I graduated from Georgia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and a 4.0 GPA, and every since then, enjoy taking on initiatives, responsibility and leadership roles that defy convention and lie well outside of my regular job description.

In my free time, I am a full time startup product guy and lean startup advocate, having hands on experience with creating sustainable cloud web applications from scratch, implementing continuous integration rigs and release management pipelines, managing Scrum and product backlogs and using A/B testing and lean startup experiments to define and prioritize product strategy and direction. I have studied various growth hacking techniques and have successfully implemented a few for a web startup. I am also a stickler for beautiful and minimal design, with excellent knowledge of Bootstrap, CSS3, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects. Of the latest tech startups and tools, I really admire Slack, DIY Slack integrations and